Kalle Vilpuu – Silver Lining  

By Mike Flavin

One of the things that sets America apart from the rest of the world is exactly that – we often tend to be set apart from the rest of the word, especially musically. That is unfortunate, because there are so many gems to be found in unlikely (for us) places.

Kalle Vilpuu is one of the top guitarists in his native country of Estonia, with over 30 years’ experience performing throughout Europe and North America with that country’s most popular artists. Finally, in 2014 he released his first solo album Silver Lining, and what a gem it is!

Silver Lining is 11 tracks of instrumental music by Kalle in a guitar/bass/drums trio format, augmented by keyboards, electronic effects, along with various guest musicians and vocalists. Kalle’s mastery of the guitar is showcased throughout and his fluid soloing and impeccable tones bear the mark of his extensive experience.

Silver Lining isn’t a shred-fest though, nor is it the typical symphonic prog style of trying to cover every emotion in a single composition. Rather, each of the album’s 11 tracks expresses a specific mood – from the ominous opening track “Anomalies” to the somewhat wistful title track, Silver Lining takes the listener on a journey that is almost as much a visual experience as it musical.

Along the way there is the pulsing crunch of the appropriately named “Industrial No. 4”, the majestic “In the Back of my Head” and the otherworldly (thanks to some crazy filtered guitar tones) “The Aliens Have Landed”. Superb performances from start to finish.  

With its cinematic style and masterful way of expressing moods, any (or all) of Silver Lining’s tracks could easily be placed into film soundtracks, much the same way Trevor Rabin has put his considerable talents to work in Hollywood – and I don’t make that comparison lightly! The performances and production of Silver Lining are top notch and the combination of heavy rock and highly melodic compositions make it a superb listening experience.



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Kalle Vilpuu (guitars, keyboards, vocal),

Andrus Lillepea (drums),

Henno Kelp (bass guitar),


Mari Pokinen (vocal),

Tarvi Jaago (flute),

Tiit Kikas (violin),

Martti Mägi (violin),

Imre Eenma (bass, viola da gamba),

Eduard Akulin (trombone),

Indrek Kruusimaa (flamenco guitar)